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About XiFi

XiFi is a wireless technology, product and solutions company which enables fast, secure and highly efficient and scalable low-cost installations, to aid in large-scale deployments of WiFi hotspots in urban and rural areas across the globe.

We are an independent global wireless R&D enterprise with dedicated team of wireless specialists with operations in US, Singapore and India.

Our vision is to realize universal and seamless wireless connectivity in the entire world where every individual is able to wirelessly communicate with anyone, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Our mission is to build high-end wireless technology products which provide value enhancement – Lower TCO, enhanced bandwidth and support higher # of connected users per unit dollar spent – 40% better than the current industry metrics

Our Products are built upon ‘open-source’ and are fully-complaint with 801.11 standards. We enhance wireless performance metrics – Capacity, Coverage & Speed – with patented and innovative software driven, in-house intellectual property research and development, that efficiently uses the available existing unlicensed wireless spectrum and runs on standard WiFi hardware and chipsets.