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XiFi isState-Of-The-Art WiFiXiFi isFast Speed & High CapacityXiFi isLong Range & Superior CoverageXiFi isEase of Installs & Lower TCOXiFi isPortable Wireless Networks

XiFi is

State-Of-The-Art WiFi

Ultimate wireless speeds with combined Quad-Band operation of up to 2x 1300 Mbps and 2x 600 Mbps, with two radios each of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, for a total of up to 3800 Mbps.

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XiFi is

Fast Speed & High Capacity

XiFi's revolutionary and innovative technology based on Advanced Beam-Forming technology and Asynchronous Ultra-Streaming provide enhanced bandwidth and higher capacity.

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XiFi is

Long Range & Superior Coverage

XiFi's innovative network topologies and flexible deployments combined with bandwidth management schemes and Quality of Service (QoS) algorithms provide ultra-long Range and extended Coverage.

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XiFi is

Ease of Installs & Lower TCO

Cost-effective, Plug-n-Play Instant-Installs for easy control and secure setup network from anywhere over the internet using customized web-interface. Configure and manage your network with XiFi's flexible network User Interface (UI).

XiFi is

Portable Wireless Networks

Network-On-The-Go. Network-As-A-Service. Plug-n-Play installs. Fast. Secure. Reliable. Proliferation of WiFi Through-Out the country through XiFi.

XiFi is a wireless technology, product and solutions company that enables fast, secure and highly efficient and scalable low-cost installations, to aid in large scale deployments of WiFi hotspots in urban and rural areas across the globe.

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XiFi Campus Connectivity

Large area outdoor and indoor area deployments in malls, campuses, airports, stadiums and convention centers.

XiFi Highway Connectivity

Fast, secure, and reliable wireless services in high traffic areas such as highways, public transportation depots, and busy streets.

XiFi Smart City Connectivity

High bandwidth services and HD video streaming for IoT and specialized applications such as wireless video surveillance.

XiFi Rural Area Connectivity

Fiber hub to village dedicated high-speed last-mile connectivity and beyond-the-last-mile wireless access for rural areas.

xTend 3800 Series

Quad-Band Wireless Gigabit Router

The state-of-the-art Ultimate Wireless AC3800 technology provides combined wireless speeds of up to 2x 1.3 Gbps and 2x 600 Mbps, for total data rates of up to 3800 Mbps. Its innovative streaming technology includes specialized algorithms to achieve ultra -long Range, superior Coverage, and enhanced Bandwidth using Advanced Beam -Forming technology and Asynchronous UltraStreaming technology.
The advanced features of xTend3800 allow you to stream or watch multiple independent HD streams, while simultaneously browsing the Internet and transferring files at blazing speeds through several wirelessly connected devices in the network. Web -based setup and configuration supported by DD-WRT allows you to easily setup, control, and manage your network wherever you are over the internet.

xTend 3800 Series

Product Specifications & Features

Eight high-speed Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports allow for specialized applications like video surveillance and remote video monitoring over long distances without a hick-up, and without any bandwidth choking. You can also connect multiple high-speed wired connections such as Gaming stations. Two high-speed Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports support simultaneous internet connections to realize higher Internet bandwidth. The xTend xt3800 complies with industry standards and is Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, FCC, CE and RoHS certified. Designed for flexible network topologies, you can easily install a network without the need for wires to be run between the network nodes. Sophisticated algorithms help realize extremely fast streaming for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint simulcast applications. You can also stream and share media files at blazing speeds using any of your favorite Apps. Slick and easy setup and configuration web-based tool powered by DD-WRT enables you to securely control and manage the network from anywhere on the internet and collect usage data on-the-fly.